Paddler? Watch this gorgeous film

Here is the trailer for Goh Iromoto’s stunning testament to a Canadian cultural icon. The full half-hour documentary on what the canoe means to Canada gets rave reviews. (See the full video at the bottom of the post)

A celebration of the vessel which helped create the country we live in today, the film explores various stories of paddlers within the beautiful landscape of Ontario.” — Filmmaker Goh Iromoto

The film documents five stories of Ontarians who have connected to the natural environment and themselves through paddling – including a new Canadian exploring the country by canoe.  It’s narrated by James Raffan, former director of the Canadian Canoe Museum, and done in collaboration with Ontario tourism marketers.

Here is the full, 26-minute film.


Paddling in South Georgian Bay, here.

Paddling Bruce Grey Simcoe, here.

Paddling in Ontario, here.

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